Hot Tub Usage Agreement, Waiver, and Release of all Claims

1.) As a result of cleaning and servicing, hot tubs are sometimes not up to full temperature at the time of check in and may need several hours to heat. Please do not adjust the temperature of the water in the hot tub. The Maximum safe operating water temperature for a hot tub is 104 degrees Fahrenheit. You may adjust the jets and lights as desired.

2.) Do not use, or allow the hot tub to be used, alone. Do not permit children under the age of eighteen (18) to use the hot tub unless they are closely supervised at all times. Unsupervised use by children is strictly prohibited. In no case should children under the age of five (5) be permitted in the hot tub. Never leave children unattended in the vicinity of the hot tub.

3.) Pregnant women and individuals under medical care (for such problems as heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, skin sensitivities, cardiac or circulatory problems) should consult their physician prior to using the hot tub. Never use the hot tub when taking anticoagulants, antihistamines, vasoconstrictors, vasodilators, stimulants, narcotics or tranquilizers. In all cases, if you are not thoroughly familiar with the medication(s) that you are taking, please consult with your physician prior to using the hot tub.

4.) Guest(s) with skin, ear, genital or other body infections, skin sores, or open wounds are not allowed to use the hot tub due to the possibility of spreading infection.

5.) Please shower before and after using the hot tub. Showering before use removes any lotions, deodorants, creams and/or common skin bacteria which reduce the effectiveness of the sanitizing chemicals used to disinfect the hot tub water. The hot tub is professionally cleaned and maintained; please do not add any chemicals.

6.) Always use caution when entering and exiting the hot tub. Surrounding patio/deck may be slippery and dangerous when wet.

7.) Observe reasonable time limits to avoid nausea, dizziness and fainting. Should you experience any of these symptoms, carefully exit the hot tub

. 8.) Alcoholic beverages should not be consumed before or during hot tub use. The temperature of the water may intensify the effects of alcohol and cause drowsiness, dizziness and/or unconsciousness.

9.) Never use glass near or in the hot tub as broken glass can be a risk to a guest(s) which are barefoot and is very difficult to see within the hot tub.

10.) Never walk, climb, play or jump on the cover of the hot tub. Never swim or play under the cover when it is installed on the hot tub. Also, do not rely on the cover as a way of keeping children out of the hot tub. Children must be supervised when they are in or around the hot tub. No diving or jumping into the hot tub.

11.) Do not add anything to the water including foaming bubbles, chemicals, soaps, bath oils, etc. If these items are used in the hot tubs, an additional cleaning fee will be assessed.

12.) Absolutely no candles are allowed on or in the hot tub, no shoes are to be worn in the hot tub, and no electrical appliances are to be used in or near the hot tub.

13.) When the hot tub is not in use, the cover must be reinstalled in the proper position and secured, especially if there are any children in the vicinity. Hot tub covers are easily damaged. Guest(s) agree(s) to inspect the hot tub cover for any damage upon arrival and report any problems to the owners immediately. Do not sit on the hot tub cover.

14.) Please do not turn off or unplug the hot tub. This can interfere with maintaining the cleanliness and temperature of the unit.

15.) Guest(s) agrees to leave the hot tub in the same condition it was received. If cleaning and/ or repairs are required due to negligence or abuse, guest(s) will be required to pay for the cleaning and/or repairs.

16.) By making a reservation Guest(s) agree to release and not hold harmless Bluebird Day Vacation Rentals, the Bluebird Day Vacation Rental staff, and the Owners of the vacation home from any and all liability and claims, including and without limitation to any destruction of property, bodily harm, or injury resulting in the use of the hot tub, or the surrounding area. Be safe and have fun!