Weather Conditions in Central Oregon

forecast for bend

Learn about the weather conditions for your stay with Bluebird Day Vacation Rentals in Bend, Oregon

Located in the Central Oregon High Desert, the city of Bend is protected from the wet weather of the Oregon Coast by the towering Cascade Mountains. The coastal storm systems break up when they contact the mighty Cascades and the result is plenty of snow on Mount Bachelor, full rivers for kayaking and canoeing, and plenty of sunshine for the town of Bend.  Wet weather that does occasionally make its way past the Cascades tends to move and break up quickly, making for plenty of rainbows.
May and June are traditionally cooler, with temperatures in the 60's and 70's.  Evenings in May and June can be in the 40's. July and August are the peak summer months with temperatures generally in the 80's and 90's dropping into th 50's at night making for perfect sleeping weather.  September is glorious, with brisk nights and warm sunny days in the 70's.
November and December can be down right chilly with plenty of snow falling in the mountains.  Snow storms in town generally last a day or two before the sunshine breaks through.  January and February are generally sunny months with the occasional weather system gracing Mount Bachelor Ski Resort and dropping down into town.
General Rules of Thumb 
If you don't like what the weather is doing in Bend, wait a few minutes and its likely to change!  Be sure to dress in layers, wear sunscreen, drink plenty of water, and ALWAYS bring a jacket with you at night, even if its hot when you go out.