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Restaurants in Bend
Bend is Foodie Heaven!
Check out this dining guide or click the links below for menus and hours of some of Bend's finest eateries. Organic, locally sourced, hormone free!

*Local discounts offered exclusively to Bluebird Day guests when presenting Bluebird Day Treasure maps (found in rentals)! 

Breakfast & Lunch, Casual Dinner

Jackson's Corner - Local's Favorite
Buy one entree, get a scoop of gelato for free!
845 NW Delaware Ave | 541-647-2198
Jackson’s has a fun, market-like atmosphere, where you walk up to the counter to order.  The chef supports local vendors and offers organic and natural selections whenever possible.  With a kid friendly menu and wood fired pizzas, our kids LOVE Jackson’s! The market salad presents you with an ever-changing delicious array of whatever is in season that very day.  Don’t be shy to share a community table and meet some new friends. (there are some smaller tables, too)  Breakfast is yummy, but can take a long time to arrive to your table if they are busy.

The Lemon Tree - Breakfast/Lunch Cafe

10% off Breakfast (before 11am)
718 NW Franklin Ave. | (541) 241-5306
One of Downtown Bend's newest restaurants. The Lemon Tree is a unique dining experience with flavors from around the world.

Nancy P's - Breakfast/Lunch Cafe
Free 12oz coffee with any purchase
1054 NW Milwaukee Ave | (541) 322-8778
One of Bend's best breakfast, lunch and delicious baked goods on Bend's Westside. Since 2001! Famous for homemade pies, cinnamon rolls, savory breakfast pockets and sandwiches. 

Foxtail Bakeshop - Bakery Cafe
10% discount off purchase
555 NW Arizona Ave, Suite 60 | 541-213-2275
Foxtail Bakeshop focuses on high quality & local ingredients in all our pastries & cakes. Each recipe is thoughtfully crafted to excite the palate and eye of each customer.  All Pastries & Desserts are baked fresh everyday to ensure freshness & minimal waste.  

The Sparrow Bakery - French Bakery Cafe
Free Ocean Roll with purchase
50 SE Scott St | 541- 330-6321
Ahh sweet, sweet, Sparrow! Located just to the East of the Old Mill next to the Cinder Cone Pottery Studio in the Old Ironworks District, this charming bakery and eatery has our favorite baked goods in all of Bend.  Fantastic coffee, charming European atmosphere, and ohh, the banana bread!  We love the breakfast sandwiches served on croissants baked earlier that morning, avocado, arugula, all natural bacon… yum!! Patio seating in the summer, and small inside.  In the winter months, don’t be shy about sharing a table!

Lunch & Dinner 

Mexican eats, Asian fusion plates & craft cocktails
Free chips and salsa with purchase
937 NW Newport Ave | (541) 390-0946
The legendary airstream trailer has retired and Spork enthusiasts now get their green curry and pork bowls on Newport Avenue. We truthfully, and unabashedly, will sometimes go back to Spork several times a week, its that yummy!  The food is super fresh, locally sourced and all natural whenever possible. Offering very creative flavor combinations, the Spork menu is forever changing...Asian fusion-esque, outstanding tacos, hearty rice bowls and curries... you just gotta try it! 

Wild Rose - Northern Thai Cuisine
150 NW Oregon Ave | (541) 382-0441
It's a small miracle that we have exceptional Northern Thai food surrounded by miles and miles of pine and juniper forests in all directions. Fun, authentic atmosphere with wonderful rich flavors, super friendly staff, and yep, some of the best Thai you may ever have! Try the curry basil noodles… yum!

El Sancho - Mexican Street Food
Free chips and salsa with purchase
335 NE Dekalb Ave | (458) 206-5973
Wondering where all of the locals have migrated to now that the Westside is so popular with visitors? Well here’s our best kept secret… we are all hanging out on the East Side at El Sancho enjoying fresh squeezed lime margaritas, watermelon agua fresca, and the best tacos you may ever have!

Kebaba - Mediterranean eatery
Free hummus and pita with entree
1004 NW Newport Ave | (541) 318-6224
The local “go to” Middle Eastern restaurant, a bit more more casual than Joolz, with many items made fast and easy for take-out. Equally delicious with locally sourced ingredients. The outdoor patio make Kebaba a local’s favorite in the summer.

Global Fusion - Worldy fusion cuisine 
10% off one order
1075 NW Newport Ave | (541) 617-0513
Creative ethnic dishes from around the world such as Indian food with an Asian twist, American cuisine with an African twist and French with an Indian twist. Serving fried avocado tacos, Japanese tacos, unique around the world lunch and dinner bowls, unique healthy sandwiches, daily specials, and more!
Now serving Brunch on Sundays! 

Pizza Mondo
811 NW Wall St | 541-330-9093
Where da locals get their ‘Zaaah!  Yummy gourmet pies with lots of ingredients to choose from to customize your pizza, generous fresh salads, all in a fun Bend atmosphere.  Always an eclectic crowd, as just about everyone in Bend eats here.  Fun and casual apres ski. Delivery is available.

Fine Dining

Zydeco - Gourmet with a hint of Cajun

919 NW Bond St | (541) 312-2899
Zydeco is where we go when we want to have a “fine dining” experience.  The chefs are super talented, and the ingredients are fresh, locally sourced, and organic whenever possible.  Everything is made from scratch with a cajun flair that is not at all overwhelming.  The ambiance is fun and a little fancy, but its Bend, so blue jeans are still appropriate. (you can recognize the locals because we will be all dressed up) Always super yummy selections with delectable daily specials.  The Redfish is a local favorite!

Joolz - Mediterranean
916 NW Wall St | (541) 388-5094
Joolz is a treasure of a middle eastern/Mediterranean restaurant with a fabulous happy hour that is fancy enough to feel like fine dining with very reasonable prices. The chef is also the owner, and endlessly passionate about consistency, flavor, and deliciousness.  Locally sourced meats, and produce are used when available.  We LOVE the seafood specials and ohhh, the lamb kebobs…  Always yummy with a wonderful ambiance. (fantastic elk burgers BTW). 

Juice, Vegan & Raw 

Fix & Repeat
1 Free banana bread with purchase 

555 NW Arizona Ave. Suite 50 | 541-385-9603 
Fix and Repeat serves delicious, plant based super-foods to power the active lifestyles of locals and visitors. Whether you run, ski, ride, SUP, climb, yoga or crossfit, the healthy, hearty meals and drinks at FIX & REPEAT are sure to fuel your movement. The concept was dreamed up as a way to power all your activities and help you recover better to do it again the next day, or even later that same day... That's where FIX & REPEAT came from, get it? Run, Fix, Repeat or Ride, Fix, Repeat.

Salud Raw Food
$1 off a juice or dessert
431 NW Franklin Ave | (541) 678-5368
This little treasure of a live foods cafe serves all raw Vegan lunch items including collard wraps, salads, fresh juices, and live desserts.  The staff is wonderful and knowledgeable, and the food is fresh, live, beautiful and delicious! You will be surprised how flavorful the options are, and how fantastic you feel after eating here!

Free fresh brewed coffee or espresso drink with purchase of any menu item
1142 NW Galveston Ave | (541) 318-6313
Dakine Cafe is a superfood cafe supporting active outdoor lifestyles. Inspired by the tropics, Hawaii and a little kiss of the northwest. Serving acai bowls & coffee.

Coffee Shops

Backporch Coffee
Free pour over pack with drink purchase
1052 NW Newport Ave #103 (541) 617-3984
A local fave! Bend Oregon based coffee roaster with a vision of sourcing direct trade, micro- lot, and estate coffee of the highest quality. Find Backporch Coffee in all of our vacation rentals! 

Looney Bean
50% off one drink (limit one)
2170, 961 NW Brooks St | (541) 408-9142
Cozy coffee house located on Mirror Pond. Serving only the finest coffee varieties from around the world, all of it roasted right here in Bend. 

Lone Pine Coffee Roasters
$1 off any espresso purchase
845 Tin Pan Alley | (541) 306-1010
House-brewed coffee & espresso, plus light fare & sweets, served in a relaxed, industrial space.

Organic Grocery Stores
Newport Avenue Market - Specialty beer, wine, food and produce

1121 NW Newport Ave
$5 off with coupon 

The Humble Beet - Local Food Marketplace
1124 NW Newport Ave
1 free coffee or espresso drink with purchase